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In Omicron Chroniclers, Hervé Suys share your short story “Mask”.

Hervé Suys

Jonathan burst into the office, waving a bunch of papers and screaming out loud: “It’s all a scam, it’s a hoax. I’ve got proof in my hands. It’s the government trying to control us and all of our movements” as he rips off his oxygen filter. 

Just seconds later he starts gasping and drops dead almost immediately.

Proof was indeed given to be very careful with scepticism.

Little did they know he died of acute heart failure. 

And that’s why till this date the inhabitants of Planet Ksam are being closely watched and are all wearing very uncomfortable oxygen filters. 

PICTURE: Vince Delhaye

Hervé Suys

(1968 – Ronse, Belgium) started writing short stories whilst recovering from a sports injury and hasn’t stopped since. He has published his disturbing fiction in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, India, Estonia and the USA. So far.